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 Es Para mi un orgullo presentar a estos 3 cabrones de Aldershot, Hampshire, UK para el resto del mundo, un Powertrio que vuela cabezas a diestra y siniestra, se formaron en el año 2010 y al siguiente año  ya tenian su primer Ep producido por ellos mismos, actualemente estan por sacar su primer disco de larga duracion el cual ansio como adicto a las drogas. su guitarrista y vocalista Tommy Hardrocks me escribio diciendo algo mas o  menos asi:
 "El siguiente disco es una bomba y sonara mucho mejor que el Ep el cual parecera una mierda a lado del nuevo album"

Un dia recibi la invitacion del la banda y me dije o seguro es una banda mas de stoner pero fue grande y grata mi sorpresa al escucharlos, suenan pontentes, duros, rapidos, brutales, sucios, una voz potente y rasposa, buenos cambios, solos y rasgueos en la guitarra, un bajo duro y bien coordinado con la bateria, el cual impone y hace presencia algo dificil en los powertios ya que muchas veces quedan huecos y no lucen tanto, y  por ultimo la bateria la cual es el alma del  grupo, hace los cambios adecuados para hacer notar la voz, bajo  y la guitarra, en lo personal soy muy fan de la banda y me gustan mucho, espero tengan la oportunidad de escucharlos.

Vean bien a esta Banda por que van a hacer algo grande en el momento en que alguna disquera los firme y les de la promocion que se merecen, estan haciendo ruido y pronto haran temblar la escena del rock sucio, pesado y duro !!! [Roman]

Tommy Hardrocks - Guitar & Vocals
Bad-Dog Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dave Wilbraham - Drums

"XII Boar was formed in late February 2010 by three friends who wanted to play some kick ass rock n' roll influenced by bands like Crowbar, Down, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Motorhead and High on Fire.

They wanted to combine crushing riffs, with killer guitar solos and groove laden melodies.
Released in January 2011, 'XII' is an immense slab of what XII Boar likes to call "Stoner Metal".

Contact: or

XII BOAR - [EP] "XII BOAR"- 2011 -Sludge-Stoner Metal

Buffalo [Australia]

Supergrupo Australiano De Hard-Rock nacido en el año 1968, Pieza fundamental en la historia del rock duro y pesado, si tienes ganas de escuchar a los padres de Ac/Dc descarga estos discos,  una voz raposa y prominente, una bajo bien marcado al ritmo de la bateria, la distorcion a todo lo que da con unos solos tremendos que te hacen alucinar y te  llevan al extasis total, los primeros 3 discos son increibles, son piezas fundamentales para poder entender la musica, es una pena que hoy en dia ya no existan bandas de este tipo, lo mas cercano a este tipo de bandas son radio moscow, Rotor o Colour Haze, Todo mundo cree que el Hard rock nacio con AC/DC lo cual es una blasfemia, En lo personal creo que Buffalo  es uno de los padres de todo el rock pesado y duro, en especial en Australia y tienen todo el derecho a formular una pregunta como la sigueinte:

AC/DC.... Quienes Son Esos Tios... Apoco Tocan? 

Disfruten mucho estas obras maestras, mantenganse en el rock [Roman]

 Dead Forever-Buffalo-1972

 Volcanic Rock [Bonus Tracks]-Buffalo- 1973

Only Want You For Your Body[Bonus Tracks]-Buffalo- 1974

Mother's Choice [Bonus Tracks]- Buffalo- 1976

Average Rock and Roller [Bonus Tracks] -Buffalo-1977

La Siguiente Entrevista Fue Tomada De: ""

The following is a rare interview by Anthony O'Grady with Buffalo published in 'RAM' magazine No.6, May 17, 1975 (p18-19) entitled:

Buffalo started about five years ago. Singer Dave Tice and bass player Peter Wells came from Brisbane to Sydney in a band called 'Head' which lasted three or four weeks then broke up. That's when they got together with a guitar player called John Baxter. And a little while afterwards Jimmy Economou came in as drummer.
The group recorded three albums with Spencer Lee as producer and Tice and Baxter as the main songwriters. Times change though. John Baxter left the group late last year and the new band (with Norm Roue on slide guitar and Karl Taylor on guitar) will produce the next album themselves. "We were reaching stalemate" says Dave Tice. "The band was settling into a groove and the music wasn't changing over much. John had a few things he wanted to do, the rest of the band had a few ideas that were different. Now we only do two or three numbers from the first three albums. Audiences have been pretty cool about it. "Only Want You For Your Body' was in the same vein as the other two albums - but it was as far as we thought we could take it. There wasn't much point in carrying on with it"

Another argument for change was that the music on those first three albums was invariably compared with Black Sabbath and (early) Uriah Heep. "Yeah, that was pretty upsetting" quotes Tice. "In some ways I could see why . It didn't really hurt us, cause those bands were big news......still are to a point. So it helped us, if anything. But Uriah Heep for instance are pretty much into harmonies and we never were - we were always a lot more basic than either Black sabbath or Uriah Heep. Sabbath were always into smart-arse little time changes and things like that. We were a lot looser.
Our sort of music, even now we've changed as for people who live in the country towns and suburbs. The people who live in the city......well, the majority of them..." "Trendies" puts in Jimmy Economou. "Yeah" says Dave Tice with some emphasis 'Trendies. Super cool people. We've never been a super cool band. Real scruffy, that's us.
'Working class" adds bass player Peter Wells.
"John Baxter bought an E-type Jagu-ah" Dave Tice again. "Super-capitalist. Dunno how he got the bread together. Must have been a very frugal lad"
Hardly poor working class status symbol to be sure. Yer actual working class y'see is not the purr of E-type twin exhausts - according to the creed of Buffalo, it's volume.
"You gotta play loud" says Dave Tice, stating the creed. "The louder the better" says Jimmy Economous in a rapid fire of rhetoric. "If you can hear yourself, don't matter if no one else can hear you. The louder the better. if I was building amps...I'd make 'em 1,000 watts with just one knob. On and off. It's all ya'need. Turn 'er on and go".
Dave Tice is is chuckling at Jimmy's enthusiasm. He agrees. "Rock and Roll" he weighs in "Its your body music. It's not in your mind, not the way we play it anyway. It communicates physically"."Da kids..they don't wanna go to dance" Jimmy again. "And bloody sit there, listen to slow music. They wanna fight, dance, con a chick. Our kind of music goes with all that, y'know"
One wonders how you get a chick to hear you above the volume. 'But that's the whole point !' exclaims Jimmy. ""Da bloody kids they don wanna talk to each other. the wanna shout to each other. fight with each other. Dance with each other. When the music stops, then they start talking. who these days...except Trendies...want to con a chick real nicely. The kids these days who go to a dance, they ask straight out 'You wanna F#@k" And she says 'Yeah" And that's it.
"Except...well...if you're a Trendy, have to buy her flowers, take 'er out, say nice things. but these days the kids, the real kids, just say it straight out."
Jimmy has a fine disdain for Trendies. Himself. Dave Tice blames T.V.
"Over the past few years, it's just about killed conversation anyway. How many people do you know, that you can have an intelligent conversation with? When the music's really loud, most kids actually find it easier to communicate ...through body language.
When the wind is blowing in the right direction, by the way, Buffalo can be heard 1/4 of a mile away.
They've applied the same language of the physical to their first three album covers as well. the first album 'Dead Forever' featured corpses and gore. The second, 'Volcanic Rock' was a graphic with vagina's and penises somehow included into an exploding mountain of motif.. The third 'Only Want You For Your Body' has aroused the most censure. It's a lady being tortured. Some stores are sealing it into brown paper bags before selling it.
"Some places in Queensland banned the first one" says Peter Wells. "I reckon the third one is the mildest of the lot actually" A lot of people didn't even see what was in the second one. The third one's got the most publicity but it's nothing really. I could have understood it if it had been the second, that was sexiest at least."
"You've gotta laugh at it" says Dice. "It's just bullshit really. So overstated, it's a joke"
"All the covers have been watered down actually. We have ideas about what we want, and most of the covers have been compromises of what we originally planned. Like the last one we had some incredible ideas for, but Phonogram (Buffalo's record company) wouldn't wear them. Like the general manager was overseas when the second album came out. And when he saw it, he wanted to recall every record in the stores!"."One thing we wanted to do was have the Horden Pavilion all full of naked kids," says Jimmy.
"Phonogram wouldn't wear that", says Peter sadly. "We've never gone out and said "Let's do this cause it's going to be controversial" - Dave Tice - "Most of the things just come off the top of the head of the head. We feel like doing it, so we do it. Then someone jumps onto it and makes something of it. We try a lot of things. Like someone tells us about a little ballerina that can dance Swan Lake very nicely. So we asked her parents if she'd open a few shows for us. It doesn't mean she's going to join the group or anything. Madam Lash once wanted to gig with us, and we said 'OK' ".
Just in case you were wondering. Buffalo plan to call their fourth album "Songs For The Frustrated Housewife". It will come with a 10" vibrator. The cover will show their manager's mother being ravaged by the group. [note: of course this did not eventuate - not surprisingly !]
But the album will be a new musical direction at least. Previously Buffalo have never gone out of their way to look for hit single status. They're thinking about one now, though. The music the band is now playing features a few Chuck Berry numbers - an interim stage while the new line-up settles down and develops its own music.
"We're playing pretty well together" explains Dave Tice. But we're still finding out each other's styles and limitations. What we can and can't do. We're starting to write new stuff. But in the meantime we're doing a few old rock numbers to fill in."
So, thought the band, since we're doing the golden oldie stuff, why not have a go at a hit single. "Little Queenie" is the number they've ventured a chance on.
"In some ways it's going back to what we were originally into." says Mr. T ""Like the band Peter and were first in was very bluesy, very Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry amonst others. That's one of the reasons Norm Roue joined us from Band Of Light, his roots are blues too. We're all a lot happier with how the band is sounding now."

Are Buffalo's regular fans as happy not to hear the old fave rave-ups?
"We do notice, when we go to a place we haven't played at since the old line-up, at the start there's maybe a dozen or so people, calling out for songs from the albums, songs they've heard the old line-up play.
"And they'll say, 'Jeeze, what's happened to Buffalo, where's John Baxter?..."things like that. But after about half of the set, they're usually into what we're doing now. By the end of the set, we don't hear people yelling out for old songs."
"We've put down five songs of a new album so far" says Peter Wells.
."And they sound so much better than anything on the old albums. Better drums, better bass. better everything." "I probably won't like it in about three or four weeks" says Dave gloomily. "It happens everytime, you get so close to it. . . after you've put it down, you never want to hear it again. I can't bear to listen to any of our albums, it's an over-reaction against working so close to a song in the studio. We all really like the sound we're gettin' right now, like we know it's the best sound we've ever got. But I'm sure as soon as we're finished, we'll turn against it." "Yeah, sure, says Jimmy. Doesn't that make it hard playing material from albums in concert? "Na," says Dave. "Playing on stage is a different sort of thing altogether. It's a real energy thing. That's what I don't like about records actually . . . they lose so much energy. So much seems to get lost between what you put out in the studio and what you get back on record. It happens to us more than other bands I sup­pose, because live energy's our thing. But we couldn't really do a live album, cause the volume distorts the machines when they try to record it." Buffalo albums though, are listened to. Everything they've put out has reached the realms of gold. "We were down in Parkes one time, says Peter Wells. "And these guys came up after the concert, I mean most peo­ple go to the concert then they go home. But these guys didn't seem to have no home to go to. Really, they were 14-15 maybe and they were really involved in the band. Tattoos and things like that. They don't work, they don't go to school. They had the band's albums, but they didn't have a record player for them. "There was this amazing chick says Jimmy. "She was fifteen. She'd tried to commit suicide twice. She'd just come out of a Girls Home. She had this sharpie haircut on top and really long hair at the side. She had a heart on one shoulder with 'Mick' in it. Except she'd cut out the skin ya see, so you could hardly see it. She said. That was an old boyfriend, I didn't dig him anymore'. She had J.B. on the other arm . . . Jerry Somebody . . . John Somebody ... "John Baxter?" suggests Dave Tice. "Anyway, she didn't dig him anymore either, so she'd cut the skin out there too . . ." "You won't find any university graduates in the band, that's for sure," says Dave Tice. "And you don't find many in our audiences either. "We get a few Trendies now and then, concludes Jimmy E. "They wanna know what we do. "How come you do all that screwing around? How come you play so loud? What are you guys all about?' We don' tell 'em of course, let 'em find out for themselves. Trendies may enroll in the Buffalo School of Body Language next time the group is in town. [Interview by Anthony O'Grady - RAM]


DUE TO THE shut down OF MEGAUPLOAD, ALMOST ALL THE BLOG IS DEAD, FOR THAT REASON I will TRY TO up ALL the links again but now in  MEDIAFIRE , cheers, and keep in rock!

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"Gracias Al Patas De Cabra Por Regalarnos Bandas Tan Buenas Como Esta"
The Wandering Fire Es Una Banda Mexicana Parida En  Ecatepec En El Año 2006. Desde Entonces Estos Hijos De "Ba'al Z'vuv" Han Estado Derritiendo Oídos A Diestra y Siniestra y Es Hasta El 2011 Cuando Por Fin Graban Un Ep.....Queridos Stoners Es Para Mi Un Orgullo Presentar El Primer Ep De La Banda Llamado "Pury Fire", El Cual  Cuenta Con 5 Canciones Hechas Al Puro  Estilo De La Vieja Escuela Del Stoner Doom... [Alabama Thunderpussy, Down, Goatsnake, Grand Magus] 

Simplemente Hay Que Poner Esto A Todo Volumen y Disfrutar Los Riffs Pesados Y Sucios Acompañados De Unas Chelas o Cualquier Otra Cosa Que Altere Los Sentidos, Es Un Gran Trabajo Este Ep, Yo Espero Con Ansias El Disco Completo, Por Que Estos Muchachos Traen Todo El Punch, Talento y Actitud Que El Stoner- Doom Requiere, No Usan Disfraces o Poses Falsas Para Vender, Simplemente Tocan Por Gusto y Lo Hacen Bastante Bien, "Pury Fire"  Es Muy Recomendable Para Todos Los Fans Del Stoner- Doom !! [Roman]

"We are a stoner rock BAND!!!!!!! Hold on ..cause we..ll take you on a ride so deep and slow, you won..t know what the fuck..s goin..on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on and have a smoke from THE WANDERING FIRE!!!!!!! The band began in 2006, when two college friends (Adrián & Mich, two Guitar Players) decide to form a Doom-Riff Band, mainly influenced on their idols (Spiritual Beggars, Cathedral, Abramis Brama, Trouble, Saint Vitus, etc). A couple of months later two new members joined the band (Fedo & Carlos, on Drums and Bass), and the line-up was complete. Right mow Mich is a Corporate slave so Ivan Coatl (ex- Winter Solstice Night and many others, actually he is bass player on OscuriaM and he..s lead guitar on our side project Hell Patrol, a Dead Trash band) has joined us to scare you all on lead guitar!!!!!!!!! The band has played live on many places and festivals with another friend bands, and the audience has an slow acid experience,yeahh!!".....CONTACT:

Fedo- Bateria
Carlos- Bajo

 The Wandering Fire- "Pury Fure" [ep] - Stoner Doom (México) - 2011

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Akûma [México]

 Para Mi Es Un Placer Presentarles A Esta Banda Originaria De Morelia, Michoacan, México, Con Tan Solo 2 Años De Trayectoria Han Logrado Construir Un Gran Disco Llamado: " Dead Beast For The New Hearts ", El Cual Suena Bastante Bien, Por Breves Instantes Suenan Al Puro Estilo De Sunn O))), En Otros Me Recuerdan A Black Pyramid O Gas Gigant.

Dead Beast For The New Hearts Es Un Disco Muy Experimental, Que Va De Lo Obscuro A Lo Tranquilo, Pasando Por Momentos Bastante Rápidos, Es Un Vaivén De Sonidos Muy Inestable, De Momento Estas En La Parte Obscura y Al Siguiente Escuchas Las Congas Que Te Evocan La Felicidad, Una Banda Bastante Bizarra Diría Yo, La Cual Suena Muy Bien. En Lo Personal Creo Que Es Un Muy Buen Trabajo, Seguro Que Estos Muchachos Va A Levantar Pronto El Vuelo y Conforme Pase El Tiempo Explotaran Su Talento y Nos Regalaran Canciones Increibles.

Plus: "Twin" Es Un Ep Previo A "Dead Beast For The New Hearts" Que Suena Muy Diferente, Lo Coloco Abajo, Para Que Noten La Diferencia De Sonidos & Ritmos Que La Banda Maneja [ ROMAN]!!

-xFâbriziox: Bateria, aullidos, groove
-xVâlx: Guitarra, bajo, ruido, eco espacial, claves, feedback, vox.
-xwôntx: Guitarra, eBow, bajas frecuencias, feedback, bajo, ruido, disonancias, invocaciones, gritos, sonoridades, discordancia.

Akûma -Dead Beast For The New Hearts-2011[StonerRock-Doom-Experimental]

 Akûma - Twin - 2010 [Stoner-Rock]



Bueno Fue Una Larga Ausencia (para variar), Pero Regreso Con Una Bomba Llamada Apocalipsis. Esta Banda Mexicana  Es Originaria Del D.F. y Lleva 3 Años Volando Oídos, El 1 Enero De Este Año Lanzaron Su Primer Lp Que Consta De 11 Canciones Instrumentales, Las Cuales Son Brutales, En Lo Personal Me Cuesta Trabajo Tratar De Meter a La Banda  En Un Genero, De Momento Tienen Riffs Lentos y Pesado al Puro Estilo Del  Doom, Pero De La Nada Le Meten Velocidad  Con Lo Cual Te Vuelan Los Oídos y Cuando Crees Que Es Todo Sacan Algunos Riffs  Lentos y Viajados..... Es Como Si Cruzaran A Opeth y Ufomammut, Un Vaivén De Sensaciones y Sentimientos  !!

Ellos Se Clasifican Como Black Sludge/Mathrock/Post Metal....Sera?; De Cualquier Forma Su Disco Debut Es Una Bomba Que Debe Ser Escuchada A Todo Volumen y Es Altamente Recomendado Para Los Fans De Opeth, Ufomammut ó Yob. Grandes Riffs, Cambios De Ritmo & Velocidad Es Lo Que Este Gran Disco Ofrece !!

 Es Agradable Saber Que En México Se Esta Experimentado y Se Esta Logrando Crear Grandes Discos Como Este, No Toda La Música Es La Mierda Que Esta De Moda En La Radio o Tv !! [Roman]

APOCALIPSIS - APOCALIPSIS - 2012 -[ Black Sludge, Stoner-Metal ?]

Mico – Bateria
Chamaz - Bajo
Fabian – Guitarra

En palabras de Apocalipsis: "El discurso de la banda consta en agredir al hombre que es el cáncer del mundo. Llevamos 2 siglos de destrucción, de asesinar las cosas que viven por un bien económico basado en alguna trivialidad, es el hombre que por avaricia y poder construye un sistema para el beneficio de unos pocos, mismo que tiene consecuencias terribles contra la mayoría.

Usamos simbología como le triángulo porque para empezar significa delta, lo cual significa cambio, todas las figuras parten del triángulo, que a su ves es sagrado para muchas culturas, entonces el chiste es usar las cosas sagradas para el hombre contra el hombre, ya que el mismo está destruyendo las cosas importantes para él o para otros. Por ejemplo; el elefante, es noble y sagrado, pero en la portada está destruyendo las creaciones del hombre, el hombre ha provocado su ira la cual es muy difícil de suscitar."

Download :

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WITCH- Live at Roadburn - 2008

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BLUE CHEER- Live at Roadburn- 2007
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ORANGE SUNSHINE- Live at Roadburn- 2007
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The Atomic Bitchwax- Live at Roadburn-2009
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Acid King- Live at Roadburn- 2007
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Earthless- Live at Roadburn-2008
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Compilados De Stoner Rock-Metal-Drone-Doom ...Parte 1!!

Stoned Revolution (The Ultimate Trip) - 1998 - V.A.

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 Burn One Up! - Music for Stoners - 1997 - V.A
Queens of the Stone Age, Karma to Burn, Fu Manchu,The Heads,Spiritual Beggars,Floodgate,Slaprocket,Leadfoot,CelestialSeason,Cathedral,Acrimony,Blind Dog,Sleep,Hideous Sun Demons,Beaver
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 Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation - 2000- V.A
Crowbar,Los Natas,Supafuzz,Sixty Watt Shaman,Murder 1,Gunfighter,Mammoth Volume,Herbert,Bakerton Group,Sunride,Terra Firma,Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight,Rotors To Rust

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Ultimate Fuzz Collection Vol.1 - 2004 - V.A
Dozer,Los Natas,Truckfighters,Astroqueen,Greenleaf,Gonzalez,Cowboys & Aliens,Elephantum,Sunride,Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra,Freedom Bleeder,SpirituFirestone,Mezzanine,We,Brant Bjork

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 High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection - 2005 - V.A
Gas Gigant,Bad Wizard,Clutch,Nebula,The Hidden Hand,Unida,Orange Goblin,Suplecs,High On Fire,Sea Of Green,The Formula,Corrosion Of Conformity,The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight,Bottom
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Dutch Courage, The Dutch Stoner Collection By Insane Riez - 2009 - V.A
Astrosoniq,7Zuma7,Stone Oak Cosmonaut,Gomer Pyle,Hooghwater,Toner Low,57Chevy,Cosmic Android,Abe Diddy & The Krautboys,Stonerfront Nijmegen,Monstertone,3 Speed Automatic

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Metal Swim- 2010 - V.A
Death Angel,Skeletonwitch,Torche,Ludicra,Kylesa,Black Tusk,Red Fang,Black Cobra,Saviours,Witch Mountain,Isis,Jesu,Pelican,Zoroaster,Withered,Boris
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Tinta Blanca - Avandaro - 1971 [México]

Este disco es un pedido que hizo algún visitante, y al cliente lo que pida, bandototota Mexicana, a ella le debemos el himno ...."Avandarooo Esss" !!, para los que no tienen idea de que es Avandaro, fue un festival de música mexicana, en donde participaron bandas como el Ritual, Three Souls In My Mind, Tinta Blanca, La Division Del Norte, Peace And Love, entre otras bandas, la gente lo compara con el woodstock, para mi solo es Avandaro, no se le compara con otro festival, toda la gente que tiene de 50 años para arriba perjura sobre la tumba de su mamá que fueron a ese festival, hay un sin fin de anécdotas y leyendas urbanas en torno a este festival, se han escrito un montón de libros y se han hecho algunos documentales sobre el festival por si les interesa saber mas.
Después de esta explicación regresamos a Tinta Blanca, fue una banda mexicana del D.f, con un estilo parecido a bandas como Bandido o el Chicano, como dice la gente que según sabe "Latin Rock", la verdad eso de clasificar bandas por genero es tonto, pero es para que se den una idea de lo que tocan, este es un señor disco, las canciones de "Avándaro Salmo VII y Salmo VIII suman 23:45 minutos" Son Increíbles, es la pieza cumbre de este disco, hay mucho que explicar en torno a la banda pero seria aburrido tanto choro, para eso esta wikipedia, solo queda decir... una gran banda y un tremendo disco que es un clásico.....Difrutenlo mucho... Acompáñenlo con Cerveza y Mota !! [Roman Tamayo]
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Bandota De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo, una de las mejores bandas de stoner argentino que he Escuchado, 8 canciones que te vuelan los oídos, están pesadas, potentes y con muchos huevos.....¿Donde Esta Tu Dios Ahora?
Seba Barrionuevo
Nico Foresi
Guillermo Gomez
     Alfredo Felitte*

En lo personal soy fan de esta banda argentina, desde que escuche el disco supe que era una chingoneria, al mero estilo del Buffalo o Alabama Thunderpussy, esto se debe a que Xoni de Buffalo Toca Acá, lo cual le da un tremendo punch al sonido, disfruten este discote, la banda de la muerte es enorme, una de las mejores de toda la nueva camada de stoner argentino!![Roman Tamayo]    
Banda De La Muerte- Banda De La Muerte- 2010- [Stoner Rock-Metal]
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Los Deloreans [Argentina]

Los Deloreans -Back To Moldavia- 2008 [Stoner Rock]

Los Deloreans se forma en Mendoza a fines del año 2006. Debutan en vivo en Marzo de 2007 junto a Zoopsia, Primitivo y Lecter.En el mes de Mayo de 2008 entran a grabar su primer disco. Con seis temas y llamado “Back To Moldavia”
Los Deloreans son el resultado del camino abierto por bandas como Buffalo, Los Natas y Dragonauta, son grandes representantes de la nueva camada del Stoner Argenito, junto a Bandas como Ararat, Banda De La Muerte y Sick Porky.

Este Álbum es tremendo, 6 canciones que te vuelan los oídos, riffs pesados que rayan entre el Stoner y el Hard Rock, en lo personal me costo acostumbrarme a la voz de Lean, Tuve que verlo cantar en vivo para apreciar la tremenda voz que se carga, espero con ansias el nuevo disco de esta banda que se ha abierto camino a pesar de las adversidades que se les ha presentado y ha llegado a grandes lugares como el South American Sludge Fest, es un gran album, sirve para darse una idea de lo que se esta haciendo en argentina ! [Roman Tamayo]

                                               Lean - Voz
                                              Marcos -Bateria
                                               Nacho- guitarra

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